If you haven’t been following the world chess championship, you’re missing out on a tight battle for the top spot.  After 11 games, Anand and Topalov are 5 1/2 to 5 1/2.  The final game is tomorrow morning.  Analysts are predicting that Anand (playing black tomorrow) will do whatever he can to draw the game, leading to a series of sudden-death games.  Anand is very strong at quick chess and would do quite well in the series of 25-minute games that make up a tie breaker.  The skill differential is even greater for blitz chess.

To avoid this, Topalov will have to go for the kill tomorrow morning.  He has a history of playing well in final games, especially as white.  It should make for an exciting game.  Unfortunately it starts at 5 am here.  I’ll be sneaking a peek at work, I guess.