pat·zer (pãt’-sr, pät-ser)
n. Slang
A poor or amateurish chess player.
[From German, bungler, from patzen, to bungle.]

Welcome to Patzer Chess, an online community for “patzers,” or amateur chess players.  “Amateur” in this sense means just that: If you’ve recently discovered the great game of chess, want to improve your game, or are just beginning to study chess strategy and tactics, I hope you’ll come along with me as we explore this royal game from a beginner’s perspective.

On this site I will document my attempts to improve my chess game, including all the false steps, blind alleys, wasted effort, and (hopefully) breakthroughs and improvements that amateur chess players encounter during a lifetime of playing chess.

Upcoming topics will include my personal history with the game of chess, analyses of some games I’ve played and enjoyed, and some very basic tutorials on tactics and strategy, including my personal take as an amateur.

I hope to make this site as interactive as possible, with puzzles, public game analyses, and open discussion topics.

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